How to make your pressure washer last longer.

How to make your pressure washer last longer.

Here are ways to help your pressure washer stay in tip top shape longer:

  • Change the oil in the high-pressure pump after the first 50 hours of use and every 500 hours (or annually) after that.

  • Replace the high-pressure nozzles every six months.

  • Change the oil in the  engine every 25 hours and the oil filter every 50 hours; or, for a unit powered by an electric motor, grease the motor every 250 hours.

  • Change the engine fuel filter and spark plugs every 500 hours or six months.

  • Clean the water screen filter weekly.

  • Remove burner soot and de-scale the heating coil at least once a year.

  • Winterize your pressure washer to prevent freeze damage to the pump and heating coil.

  • Never start a pressure washer without water.

  • Always neutralize and flush detergent from the system after use.

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