Engineering & cleaning system design

Our history of providing bespoke cleaning solutions for customers has led to the development of an extensive range of custom built cleaning equipment where a range of engineering solutions are created to solve many cleaning problems for business.

Looking for a heavy duty Honda petrol or diesel pressure washer for use in the consturction or commercial cleaning industry? Take a look at the fantastic Wessex Caddy.

We design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of cleaning equipment called Wessex Power Washers. Our Engineering Technicians have created a range of static cabinet pressure washers that are the backbone of Industry. Wessex Power Washers keep your business cleaning with reliable and dependable operation. Wessex are an innovator in industrial pressure washers, offering the best value machines backed by the best warranty in the business. Being a manufacturer allows us to build bespoke machines to match our customers' exact cleaning requirements.

We have a wide range of Static cabinet pressure washers that are available in either powder coated or stainless steel cabinets, each machine can be customised to suit the customers individual requirements and have a great range of options such as twin outlets, internal or external hose reels, foaming systems and token or coin operation. All feature frost protection as standard.

The Wessex Industrial static pressure washers are the ideal machine to use for fleet, truck wash operations or food production facilities due to their heavy-duty construction and vandal proof design.

Everything is contained inside a sturdy custom fabricated lockable housing with only the necessary controls available to the user. As we custom build these machines it gives us, and you, huge scope to combat interference by over enthusiastic users, such as mis-fuelling and tampering with valves, detergents etc.

The machine remains user friendly and will keep operators happy as it will do exactly what it’s supposed to do every time – work!

To keep detergent costs under control, we can fit the detergent system to work on a push button, pre-set timer along with hidden chemical restrictor to prevent machines being left on accidentally. For total safety we can fit a total stop system that works on a timer, once the trigger is released this invokes the timer for a pre-set period meaning the complete machine will shut down and go into a ‘no volts’ state and will not restart until the machine is physically cycled off and then on again.

All the hot water machines we build have a flame failure device fitted as standard. This optically monitors the flame inside the heat exchanger and will shut off the power in case of a fault, preventing the heat exchanger from causing unburnt fuel safety issues.


  • A range of Heavy-Duty machines ranging from 100 bar to 200 bar in 110v, 240v, 415v
  • 1450 RPM low revving motors for long life
  • Tried and tested high efficiency heat exchanger
  • Optical flame monitoring safety system
  • 24v low voltage control for operator safety
  • Choose either timed shutdown or Total stop
  • 20-meter twin wire high pressure hose & heavy-duty gun and lance
  • Frost protection system
  • Onboard fuel tank
  • High pressure chemical system
  • External Bulk Detergent
  • Choice of Powder Coated Steel or Stainless Steel


  • Remote Control to IP66
  • Automatic hose reel
  • Vehicle Brush Lance & Hose
  • Token/Coin Operation with timed cycles
  • Vehicle Brush Lance & Hose
  • External Bulk Detergent
  • Token/Coin Operation with timed cycles
  • Remote Control
  • Water Softener System

Call us on 01935 411876 to get your heavy duty hot static pressure washer custom built for you, with all the features that you want, and nothing that you don't need. You won’t find a more heavy duty machine than the Wessex Industrial series.

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