We have a wide range of Static cabinet pressure washers that are available in either powder coated or stainless steel cabinets, each machine can be customised to suit the cusomers individual requirements and have a great range of options such as twin outlets, internal or external hose reels, foaming systems and token or coin operation. All feature frost protection as standard.

High performance Truck & Fleet Wash pressure washers

Our static cabinet Industrial pressure washers are the backbone of Industry. They keep your business cleaning with reliable and dependable operation. West Country are an innovator in industrial pressure washers, offering the best value machines backed by the best warranty in the business. Being a manufacturer allows us to build bespoke machines to match our customers' exact cleaning requirements.

The Wessex range of mobile or static, Hot or cold  pressure washers are the ideal machine to use for Agricultural, fleet truck wash operations or food production facilities due to their heavy duty construction and tamperproof design.

We have lots of very happy customers including Wessex Water, Greater Manchester Police, Municipal councils, Recycling centers, Large Truck fleets etc. The reason for its success? Class leading Reliability coupled with our 1st class on site support.

The range of heavy duty Wessex pressure washers are built in our Somerset workshops so we can concentrate on quality, Rather than quantity.

Our petrol and diesel powered power washers feature Genuine Honda and Japanese Yanmar engines for machine longevity, coupled to strong reduction gearboxes and a heavy duty chassis. We use both Kranzle and CAT pumps on our machines. By providing proven, quality Industrial pressure washers and accessories for the professional user, Wessex Power Washers has earned a reputation for exceptional product durability and reliability.

As we can custom build you a machine from the ground up in our Somerset engineering workshops we can build a system around the customers requirements to include options such as remote switching, centralised cleaning systems, timed chemical application for use in fleet wash applications the list goes on. If you can imagine it then Wessex can probably build it!

Most products we sell were originally developed for a new customer’s specific application, and have now become part of the range. As we design and build quality and innovative equipment, we are always looking for opportunities to design and develop new products to meet our customers’ requirements.

Hot Static pressure washers from Ehrle and MAC - Everything is contained inside a sturdy custom fabricated lockable housing with a choice of either powder coated or stainless steel chassis, with only the necessary controls available to the user. As we custom build these machines it gives us, and you, huge scope to combat interference by over enthusiastic users, such as  tampering with valves, detergents etc. The machine remains user friendly, and will keep operators happy as it will do exactly what its supposed to do every time – work!

The Ehrle Smartwash range of brushless car washes is particularly suitable for use as a single self-service wash for petrol stations and forecourts.  Diesel or Electrically heated, the Smartwash features 4 wash and care programmes and an integrated water softening system which, in combination with the Micro Powder Dosing System achieves excellent cleaning results.

To keep detergent costs under control, we can fit the detergent system to work on a push button, preset timer along with hidden chemical restrictors. To prevent machines being left on accidentally, we can fit a total stop system that works on a timer, once the trigger is released this invokes the timer for a preset period switch point the complete machine will shut down and go into a ‘no volts’ state and will not restart until the machine is physically cycled off and then on again.

Pick up the phone or send an email to get in touch if you need a reliable machine.

We can custom build you a heavy duty pressure washer to suit your business for less cost than a standard duty mass produced boxed machine - Get in touch!


CAT Pumps are standard fit on Wessex Power Washers Equipment.

Commercial Pest Control

We offer professional and cost-effective pest management solutions across Somerset and Dorset. Our proactive pest management solutions will protect your business and enable you to comply with assurance schemes such as Red Tractor & HACCP. West Country Pest Control

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